Diana Snider, LMT Massage Therapist-Allen, TExas

Hmmmm Fascia?

I'm happy to announce a new page to my website. As most of you know I am ALL about fascia. What it does, how it works, why it becomes adhered to muscles, tendons, viseral organs etc. While searching on You Tube the other night I came across several videos concerning how fascia moves and all the other wonders of how God created something wonderful without most of the earth's human population knowing of its existence.

If you watch cats and dogs, you will see them stretch and relax, stretch and relax, stretch and relax. So, the question becomes "Why don't we stretch and relax, stretch and relax? Oh yeah! That's right we are H U M A N S and we know E V E R Y T H I N G! : D

Also, I have attached an article from Runner's World "Understanding Your Fascia" which will help you get your mind around pain issues of all kinds.