Diana Snider, LMT Massage Therapist-Allen, TExas

Product Suggestions

www.mrtherapy.com - Muscle Release Therapy / RUIT - Repetitive Use Injury Technique

If you would like to read more about the above techniques as they relate to particular chronic issues ie . . . Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or Plantar Fasciitis please download/print these interesting articles from the MRTherapy website.

Also, please consider purchasing the Muscle Release Stretch DVD along with a 6 - 9 foot flexible rope that may be purchased at your local hardware store by the foot.

The easiest way to learn these stretches is to watch the full DVD in fast forward so that you get the jest of what is expected.

1) Then go back to its beginning and learn the first 3 - 4 stretches and complete 1 set of 10 each day for the first week.

2) During the second week learn 3 - 4 more stretches and complete 1 set of 10. And from the first weeks stretches you can increase to 1 set of 15.

3) During the third week learn  3 - 4 more additional stretches and complete 1 set of 10. And from the second week 1 set of 15, and from the first week 1 set of 20.

The ultimate goal is to achieve learning all of these stretches and accomplishing 3 sets of 20 of each stretch. After 3 months of continued stretching you will notice an increase of relief of overall pain and you will be able to enjoy life as you knew it when you were younger.

Theracane may be used for trigger point therapy in the conveniency of your own home. Make sure that you receive the booklet that comes with the cane so that you will be able to understand the placement of the cane upon areas of the body.

Tiger Tail may be used for myofascial release throughout the body. Also make sure that you receive the small booklet that is attached to one end of the tail for instructions as to how to use the Tiger Tail. I usually suggest the 22 inch rather than the 18 inch because you will be able to use it throughout the body rather than just the extremities.

The Accuball or its original name is Sure Masseur may be used to release the scalenes and upper traps which are located in the neck and shoulders.

Sprouts or Vitamin Shoppe
Valerian Root is a muscle relaxant that also helps sleep problems unless your blood type is either B or A/B then this particular root is ineffective. (Unfortunately)
MultiEnzymes and (Omega 3's from "Thorne or Nordic") may be used as an anti-inflammatory when taken on an empty stomach. For more information concerning inflammation and enzymes.

www.Mannatech.com - Glyconutritional Products
Ambrotose Advanced / Ambrotose Classic
AO - Antioxidant
ImmunoStart - Jumpstart Immune System 
PhytoMatrix - Phytonutrition
Plus - Phytosterols

www.mannatechscience.org - Glyconutritional information wellness