Diana Snider, LMT Massage Therapist-Allen, TExas

Student Pricing

As the mother of 4 adult children ranging in age from 22 - 28 years, I remember how their daily lives can create quite a bit of havoc on their growing bodies. Because our children tend to burn the candle at both ends and participate in endless social and physical activities, their bodies are placed into undue painful situations that can be the cause of school stress, lack of sleep and an overall poor daily outlook on life itself.

Throughout my career as a therapist, I have also encountered children who have been in automobile, motorcycle, bicycle and skateboarding accidents, falling out of tree houses seems to be a favorite pastime, and sleeping on their stomachs is very common.

Also, in todays society our children are experiencing more and more headaches. As adults, we seem to have them so often too, that when our children start to complain they aren't taken very seriously. Children's immune systems are on the decline due to processed food, fast food, msg and chlorinated water. Our children are much more toxic than we were in the 60's & 70's (we didn't have a fast food restaurant on every corner).

All of the issues listed above definitely cause quite a bit of damage that is then carried into adulthood. This is why I have decided to offer a discounted price for all students ranging in age from birth to 24 years of age.

60 minutes - $60, 90 minutes - $90, 120 minutes - $120